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History of the Adamello Park


A project for an “Adamello National Park” is published by the magazine Touring Club, thereby setting off a debate in Parliament, which continues for several decades, accompanied by a series of legislative proposals for the establishment of a National Park in order to protect natural heritage and at the same time create a large protected area in the centre of the Alps, including the Stelvio and the Swiss Engadine National Parks.


The Trentino side of the Adamello Massif becomes the Adamello-Brenta Regional Park, leading to the idea of a regional park for the Lombardy side, strongly supported by environmental associations and the Vallecamonica Section of the Italian Alpine Club.


The Comunità Montana and the Province of Brescia are in favour of creating an Adamello Regional Park


The first nature studies start, leading to the establishment of the Adamello Park under Regional Law No. 79 dated 16th September 1983.


A conference entitled “Adamello, a Park for Europe” is held in Breno, (BS) organized by the Lombardy Regional Council of “Italia Nostra” and the Comunità Montana of Vallecamonica under the patronage of the Lombardy Region. The idea of creating a sort “federation” of the four neighbouring protected areas of the Central Alps (Adamello, Adamello-Brenta, Stelvio and Engadine) is once again put forward.

The Assembly of the Comunità Montana of Vallecamonica assumes in first adoption the Adamello Park Territory Plan (concluded in 1994)


The project entitled “PEACE”, which stands for “Parco Europeo delle Alpi Centrali” (European Park of the Central Alps) officially proposing the creation of a Park of the Central European Alps is presented on 26th November 1993 in Milan in the presence of the Environment Minister Valdo Spini, the Ministry of Public Works Undersecretary Achille Cutrera and the Lombardy Regional Minister for the Environment Cortiana Fiorello as well as Reinhold Messner who supports the initiative.

The Lombardy Region approves the Park Territory Plan (Regional Government Decree No. 7/6632, 29.10.2001)

With the Regional Law No. 23 dated 1st December 2003, the Region of Lombardy establishes the Adamello Natural Park, governed by national laws on protected areas according to Law 394 dated 6th December  1991.


The Comunità Montana of Vallecamonica adopts the first variation to the Park Territory Plan.


The Lombardy Region with the Regional Government Decree dated 24th March 2005, No. 7/21201 (published on the Official Bulletin of the Lombardy Region dated 22nd April 2005, 3rd extra supplement No. 16), approves the variation to the Park Territory Plan, currently in force.


The Assembly of the Comunità Montana of Vallecamonica adopts a new variation to the Adamello Park Territory Plan; local administrative procedures end in October 2011 when it is presented to the Lombardy Region.


A Memorandum of Understanding between the Adamello Brenta Natural Park and the Lombardy Adamello Park is signed on 14th April 2011 at Villa Santi di Montagne (TN) to ratify the common objectives and cooperation between the two bodies.