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Governing body

The Governing body of the Adamello Park is the Comunità Montana of Valle Camonica under the Regional Law No. 79 dated 16th September 1983 which established the Adamello Park, as amended and confirmed by the Law on the reorganization of protected areas in Lombardy – Regional Law No. 16 dated 16th July 2007(Consolidated bill of regional laws on the establishment of parks).
The bodies of the Comunità Montana (Assembly, Executive Council, President) are the same as those of the Adamello Park, although a special regulation (Assembly Resolution No. 58 dated 19th December 1997) gives powers for making proposals to the Assembly of Mayors of the 19 municipalities which make up the Park.
A specific Service that deals with all the technical and administrative aspects relating to the management of the protected area, called Adamello Park Service, has been set up within the Comunità Montana organization.

Contact us

Adamello Park Head Office
Piazza Tassara, n° 3 
25043 BRENO (BS)
Tel. 0364.324011 Fax 0364.22629

Vezza d’Oglio Local Park Office
Via Nazionale, 132
Responsabili: Matteo Astori, Chiara Baccanelli
Tel. e fax 0364.76165

Fauna centre- Adamello Park
Legambiente Lombardia Onlus

Località Fles – 25050 Paspardo (BS)
Responsabile: Paolo Trotti 
Tel. 392.9276538

Park House – Ex Colonia Villa Ferrari
Sede di Cevo
Via Roma, sn – Località Canneto
25040 Cevo (BS)
Tel. 370.3644215