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Live the Park

To get acquainted with the splendid natural and environmental aspects of the park, we must venture into its inner heart with excursions on foot. The country lanes and the many paths have almost all been equipped with proper signposts to assist hikers in recent years. There is a trail to please everyone: from a simple family excursion along paths that wind through the woods, to an exciting and demanding alpine climb at high altitude.

Hikers should find out about the type of trail they intend to follow before starting out and should also be fully aware of their own physical condition and athletic and climbing abilities before tackling difficult routes.

In some areas of the park, you can go mountain biking or on horseback along mule tracks through terraced fields and forests of conifers and broad-leaved trees.

The most well-known trail is Path number 1, the “Alta Via dell’Adamello”, or Adamello High Trail, which is 50km long, divided into several stages, and runs through almost the whole park.

For an excursion in high mountain areas hikers must always be equipped with suitable clothing in case of bad weather: boots, poncho, sweater as well as a map, compass and altimeter. The most popular trails can count on a safe base in the many refuges, run by sections of the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) or privately, and in the unmanned bivouacs, which are valuable points of reference in areas without other facilities.

Park facilities also include picnic areas with parking, stone-built barbecues, tables and benches, drinking water and information.

The addresses of refuges and some itineraries can be found in the “Enjoying the Park” section. In the section “Books & Guides” you can download brochures about the most important paths in the Park; maps for hiking and publications about the most important destinations in the protected area are also available in bookshops and newsagents in Vallecamonica.