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Services for schools

Residential stays

This service is offered by all the local organizations who work with the park in environmental education and is addressed primarily to students of compulsory education and high schools. Residential stays, albeit in different ways depending on the capacity of accommodation facilities and the specific approach of each individual organization, are made up of teaching workshops in contact with the environment, guided tours of the area, to integrate and support the normal school lessons.
Accommodation is quite varied and available throughout the Vallecamonica, in an environment that ranges from the wild and lonely Valpaghera, Ceto, to the complex interwoven anthropic contexts and landscapes of Vezza d’Oglio, Saviore dell’Adamello and Angolo Terme.

Classroom workshops

In-class workshops are provided as schools request by the C.E.A. (Centre for Environmental Education) of Angolo Terme and by the Local centres of the Adamello Park in particular on scientific subjects and/or educational activities. Projects have so far focused on nursery, primary and secondary schools.

Design and set up of specific areas in schools

The service is provided by the C.E.A. of Angolo Terme, and consists in a series of interventions on the form of logistic structures and learning spaces. Changes to some areas of the school are planned and then carried out together with teachers and children/young people. In particular, playgrounds become green classrooms and corridors are turned into playrooms.

Refresher courses and teacher training

The service is offered by the C.E.A. of Angolo Terme and is divided into two main types:

a) each year, the centre offers a package of courses, workshops, seminars, etc. which schools or individual teachers adhere to;
b) some schools require courses on specific topics. In this case the activities are carried out directly in schools.

Services for institutions and organizations

Training activities

The C.E.A. of Angolo Terme plans and creates its own specific courses or courses as required by institutions and organizations for librarians, playroom assistants, social,  cultural and leisure activity organizers, health care workers (for the educational aspects) and the tourism sector. Courses-workshops have also been held for parents, young people, teachers, etc. on the creative reuse of waste materials, on crafts with various types of material (wood, clay, wicker, paper, cloth), on organizing teaching activities, educational animation, on play and toys etc.

Preparation and implementation of projects

The C.E.A. of Angolo Terme has also created or is preparing specific projects on:
– Creative reuse of waste materials aimed at all compulsory level schools;
– creation of an open-air teaching museum, green classrooms, spaces with facilities and their use;
– Setting up playrooms and/or educational sections for children/teenagers in libraries;
– Play projects (for local authorities);
– Teaching publications of specific materials for teachers and students;
– Creation of ecobus and playbus;
– Travelling educational exhibition about play;
– Play structures for activities to encourage reading (the big tree of fairy tales).

Services for tourism

Residential stays for children

Campo Tres, Ceto has been hosting groups of children and young people at its facilities in Valpaghera, Ceto for summer camps in the environment for many years, with a well-established standard educational programme that is aimed primarily at the relationship between the natural world and forms of expression, developing workshops on perception as a place to destructure virtual representations.

Residential stays for adults

The local centres of the Adamello Park in Vezza d’Oglio and Saviore dell’Adamello, and the C.E.A. of Angolo Terme have facilities and specialized personnel for stays for the elderly and disabled, corporate outings, guided tours in high altitude environments, socialization and recreational activities. The centres have well-equipped rooms for meetings and debates, and the support of expert naturalists is provided on request.


Activities for tourists are organized by the Adamello Park in Vezza d’Oglio and Saviore dell’Adamello, as well as by the C.E.A. in Angolo Terme, especially during summer and winter, and are a moment of outreach for making people aware of the value ??of the environment, for a conscious and educated enjoyment. Hiking, videos, specific courses, competitions on the theme of the natural environment and landscape of the Valley Camonica, meetings and discussions with experts, visits to museums and sites of prehistoric art: this is the basis of environmental education centre activities.

Services for local people

Meeting centres

These centres are service facilities, provided by the local organizations who work with the park in environmental education, aimed at children and young people of Vallecamonica, in the hope of encouraging the development of a dialogue about different aspects of community life, based on respect for the environment, tolerance, friendship and helpfulness.
They are centres for young people to encourage social integration, in close and constant relationship with the values ??of the area where they are situated; they further knowledge about the local area through contact with the environment, the practice of manual skills and the relationship with the fields of culture and technology.
The only meeting centre which is currently active is the Cimbergo Centre, managed by Campo Tres, which has been open since 1999, and is a pilot project for the other environmental education centres in Vallecamonica.
The centre is open five days a week every week from January to June from Monday to Friday, in particular from 2.30p.m. to 5.30p.m..

The following workshops are available:

  1. theatre
  2. music,
  3. cinematography,
  4. photography
  5. traditional and electronic printing
  6. scientific observations,
  7. colour and graphics,
  8. English language applied to dance (for children),
  9. carpentry for toys and sculptures.

In addition to the main workshops other initiatives range from meetings on various themes open to the public, experiences of conviviality and socialization for children with overnight stays, special trips and excursions in the area. All workshops have in common the search for forms of expression related to the environment and are each led by a different and specialized paid facilitator. The workshops are all linked together by the initiative of “The children’s publisher” which has the task of publicizing the results of the workshops. The service for groups from local schools, as well as being based on the projects which the centre already offers, is also open to teachers’ suggestions and the requirements dictated by the school curriculum, and in this case the Cimbergo Centre is an open structure which can also just provide equipment and expertise in support of special programs.