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Parks System Teaching Programme

For the new school year 2011/12, we present the 15th edition of the Parks System Teaching Programme, proposed by the Lombardy Region to promote awareness of protected areas and facilitate guided tours for schools in the regional parks.

Parks System Teaching Programme 15th Edition FROM PARK TO PARK FROM DISCOVERY TO DISCOVERY School year 2011/2012

Close contact with nature is one of the most beautiful adventures that students can experience and remember. It is also an opportunity to interest new generations in the beauty of our territory and the challenges of protecting it. The ecosystems in our Region have territorial continuity and are inter-related and interdependent so as to form a TERRITORIAL SYSTEM, a rich and complex system managed and protected by the parks. For this reason we suggest enjoying and learning about the Adamello Park thanks to a programme full of exciting proposals to encourage young people to appreciate the richness of the territory and to understand how it is enhanced and managed by means of protected areas. The threads which will enable students to explore the area will be: natural resources (ecosystems, flora and fauna of Lombardy), the history and architecture of the park, the climate and its variations, the water forms and geomorphology of the area. If you decide to adhere to this project you can receive free teaching materials and scientific information about protected areas and the natural and forest environments of the Lombardy Region as well as a subscription to a nature magazine choosing between Geo, Oasis, L’Orso, La Rivista della Natura and Eco. The class can also take advantage of special tariffs (max 100 classes) for guided visits to the regional Adamello Park choosing from a variety of educational offers organized into 6 macro-areas:

Local culture: history, architecture, works of man

The flour men – the ancient water mill

Journey into the past … discovering the Roccolo (typical structure used by bird hunters)

In the trenches of the White War on the Adamello Massif – The First World War in Vallecamonica New!

A donkey as a friend – Donkey Trekking New!

Water: its forms, its uses

Catherine the droplet – Water in the Adamello Park

From a drop of water … to a snowflake – Enjoying the Adamello Park in winter New!

Live rivers – Discovering aquatic bioindicators New!

The bog: a walk among aquatic and carnivorous plants!

Wetlands in the mountains … “la Goia” New!

Water in the Adamello Park, “from the springs to the River Oglio”

Protection of biodiversity: ecosystems, flora and fauna

Watching and listening to deer (wildlife-autumn)

Tiptoeing … in the snow – Enjoying the Adamello Park in winter New!

Animals and Plants … in the cold! Enjoying the Adamello Park in winter New!

Tracks … on the snow – Enjoying the Adamello Park in winter New!

Small explorers on the tracks of animals (wildlife issues)

Leafing around – let’s play with the Park plants (botany)

The magical world of insects

Wild herbs New!

Climate and its variations: the transformation of ecosystems

The retreat of glaciers in the Alps

The stratigraphy of snow – Enjoying the Adamello Park in winter

A fantastic park: games and fantasy in Nature

Find your way … in the snow! New!

The ancient forest teaches … New!

A donkey friend – Donkey Trekking

Orienteering … what an adventure!

Thomas The Elf and the secrets of the wood – the wood ecosystem

Paints and brushes at high altitude New!

Let’s photograph Nature New!

Landscapes and environments: geological and geomorphological aspects

The white marble quarry… a 2000 year history

Geology of the Adamelo massif

Geomorphology and distinctive features of nature in the Adamello Park

How the Adamello massif formed


The park covers about 50% of the cost of each class (max 100 classes).

Enrolment: by 2nd December 2011 (subject to availability)

To enrol complete the form available in the “downloads” section and send it by fax to +39 0364.76165 (please telephone first) or by e-mail to indicating the topic of interest.

N.B. After enrolling classes in the Parks System Teaching Programme, it is the teacher’s responsibility to contact the Adamello Park House directly in order to fix the date of the activities by 31st   December 2011.

For further information on the programme and the enrolment procedures, call the Adamello Park House in Vezza d’Oglio tel: +39 0364.76165.