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Park facilities

“Reading the environment to write about us,” Adamello Park local centres

Park House in Vezza d’Oglio

The Park House is located in Vezza d’Oglio, in the Upper Valley Camonica, in the northern part of the protected area, where the Lombardy Regional Park borders the Stelvio National Park. The property is situated in one of the most beautiful areas, in terms of nature and landscape, of the entire protected area.
The Park Visitor Centre consists in an Environmental Education Centre, a Park Information Point and a Nature Museum, all of which are open all year round.
The Park House is managed by Alternativa Ambiente, a small organization that carries out environmental education activities for families and adults, especially walks in the mountains to observe the wildlife, trips to see deer during the mating season, concerts of classical music at high altitude, evening excursions to observe the sky, guided tours of the Natural History Museum, trekking with docile donkeys, daytime and evening winter hiking with snowshoes and  mushrooming excursions and weekends.
An important activity for the Park House is the collaboration with all types of schools both local and from further a field. Students of all ages can do nature excursions in the Park for just one or several days in autumn, winter and spring; winter holiday nature weeks in the snow with skiing; nature weeks with one night in a tent for the end of school year as well as welcome projects in autumn at the beginning of the school year in order to allow newly formed first-year classes to build up a group spirit and to strengthen relationships among classmates and between students and teachers.
In addition to the Visitor Centre the Park House also offers accommodation, the Adamello Park House Hostel is suitable for individuals, families, groups and schools (including the disabled) throughout the year.
Adamello Park House offers different options: bed and breakfast (B & B) for individuals, couples and families whereas for groups of at least 15 people, half board and full board can be provided on request. There is also a self-management option for groups.
The Park House offers its guests a small garden, a lecture room (a room with a large screen for watching videos and slides) and also a large car park in front of the building.

Park House in Vezza d’Oglio
Alternativa Ambiente
Via Nazionale 132
25059 Vezza d’Oglio (BS)
Managers: Matthew Astori, Clare Baccanelli
Tel +39 0364.76165

Wildlife Center of Paspardo

The Adamello Park, the non-profit organization Legambiente Lombardia and the municipality of Paspardo, with the help of Cariplo Foundation, the Lombardy Region and the Province of Brescia, have created a place where a direct, almost physical, relationship between people and biodiversity can be encouraged, a “magic” place for making exciting encounters with some of the species present in the Alps (animals which are not fit to be released into the wild), to perceive the complexity of the system of relationships that allows life on earth and  to understand how important it is to give a concrete contribution to the protection of biodiversity through ordinary daily behaviour.
The Wildlife Centre, which extends over an area of 7 hectares of woodland within the protected area, is also accessible to people with disabilities and the blind.
A nature trail, equipped with educational panels and wooden platforms up among the branches of Scotch pines, runs through the wildlife area between tall trees with a splendid view of the Concarena, Pizzo Badile and valley floor.
The Centre is home to red deer, roe deer, birds of prey, hedgehogs and other animals which aren’t fit to be released into the wild as a result of accidents or injuries. The care of injured or debilitated wildlife is an important activity for scientific, ethical and conservationist reasons.
The main theme at the Wildlife Centre is the protection of the environment and projects are based on the idea of an integrated learning system: on one hand the territory as a decentralized classroom, on the other the school as a place which can promote new ecological ethics, a value system of ecologically oriented behaviour and thinking. The teacher/educator, instead of just transposing information, becomes a facilitator who can encourage intellectual curiosity, venturing together with students, who are no longer passive figures but at the centre with their enthusiasm and ideas, in search of information!! So, environmental education is not a subject but a language, a method, which aims to create a mentality capable of realising the importance of interaction in nature.
The educational activities of the Wildlife Centre can be integrated with the activities offered by the regional reserve of rock engravings of Ceto-Paspardo Cimbergo, by the Consortium of the chestnut and the Educational farm “San Faustino” in Ceto as well as the organization Camuniverso that provides visits to archaeological parks in Capo di Ponte.

Wildlife Center – Adamello Park
Legambiente Lombardia Onlus
Località Fles – 25050 Paspardo (BS)
Manager : Alessia Chiappini
Tel. +39 392.9276538

“Language and the environment” Campo Tres in Ceto and Cimbergo

“Language and the environment” Campo Tres in Ceto and Cimbergo
“Campo Tres” includes the “Valpaghera village” owned by Campo Tres and “Cimbergo House” owned by the municipality of Cimbergo.
The Cimbergo building which used to house the village’s primary and secondary schools was completely restored and renovated and handed over to Campo Tres on a  twenty-year lease in January 1998.
Intended use of the facilities:
Valpaghera Village: holiday home;
Cimbergo House: hostel.
Campo Tres manages both structures as a single unit.

The reference standards are the requirements of current legislation for hotel-type accommodation and the rules of the Lombardy Region on holiday homes. Total capacity is 110 beds in two structures which are separate and entirely self-sufficient in the provision of services.
The village is situated in about two acres of land, partly woodland, partly meadow, next to a stream, with thirteen wood houses for a covered area of ??1100m2. It is located at the top of Valpaghera, Ceto at 1200 metres asl. right in the Adamello Park in a natural setting surrounded by wilderness.
Cimbergo House is a large building which totals 1200m2  just on the outskirts of the village, next to the sports facilities and overlooking the Regional Reserve of Rock Engravings.
Cimbergo House and Valpaghera village are 40 minutes apart by car, but are connected in a much more interesting way by a four hour walk following a mountain trail that winds through the woods around Pizzo Badile; the difference in height is of only 300 metres.

Campo Tres
25040 Ceto (BS)
tel. +39 0364.433281

Cimbergo House
Cimbergo 25050 (BS)
during the winter:
Tel +39 0364 486014