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Environmental education

Educating about sustainability and the environment

One of the fundamental tasks of a protected area is to make a concrete contribution to creating civic and cultural forms of coexistence of future generations, not only between human beings, but also with nature and its components.

The Adamello Park has been active in this field ever since it was founded and it is a fundamental part of its policy to pursue a permanent goal of raising awareness and knowledge about the environment in the younger generations.

Obviously, the educational process does not stop just at children and young people, but involves the whole of society.

The various supporting actions to make people more aware of a correct relationship with nature are clear in everything the Park does, even when targeting different users and “adults”: from farmers to forest rangers, from environmental wardens to alpine guides, from the tourism sector to all other categories of citizens.

In this section we will, however, just be presenting the initiatives “dedicated” to the world of young people and in particular to schools, strategic ally in all its components, to form “citizens of the future” more aware and respectful of the environment and of the territory.